TAPP is a multi-partisan platform for students to get heard and get involved in the political process. Our members are called Advocates.


Our Vision:

TAPP aspires to be a platform for students to voice themselves through direct involvement in our political system, while developing our members to be the student leaders that are needed by our campus and beyond.


Our Approach:

We understand that getting involved in politics may seem intimidating. But we also understand that you have issues that you’re passionate about.


For All:

TAPP is there for you, whether or not you’re an Advocate, to help get your voice heard. We love to work with motivated students like you on whatever issue you may feel strongly about. While we don’t require a party commitment, we do require a passion commitment. Reach out to us here.
Beyond that, we host a variety of political events open to all students on campus. Look out for our upcoming events here!


For Advocates:

TAPP provides a variety of social and professional opportunities. Our organization is a great place to network and socialize with highly-motivated peers. We help campaigns, organize trips to rallies, and have casual bonding events. Additionally, our events and meetings with speakers from local government, lobby organizations, and other public sector groups are a great place to connect with civic leaders. Advocates also get exclusive access to a frequently-updated database of internships.