We are Trojan Advocates for Political Progress, or TAPP. We aim to help all students get involved in the political process.

The best way to get to know us and our culture would be to come to our meetings on Thursdays at 6pm, the location to be announced here and on our Facebook page. Please fill out this interest form before coming! Each meeting is different, depending on what is planned for that week. Most times we will discuss relevant political issues and talk about future events. Hope to see you there!

What sets TAPP apart? TAPP is founded on a belief that political action, especially by students, is crucial to progress in issues such as environmental preservation and racial equality. Just as important as political awareness is acting on that awareness, so our focus is on direct political engagement opportunities for students. To reflect this, individual member input for future events is crucial.

Our events include canvassing for campaigns, organized trips to demonstrations and rallies, and philanthropy.

Meet our E-Board!