Student Voter Guide: March 7 Municipal Elections

Trojan Advocates for Political Progress and USC College Democrats Endorsements

If you are a registered voter in Los Angeles County:

YES on Measure H to implement a ¼ cent sales tax to fund homeless services.

  • Essentially, for every 110 grande lattes you buy from Starbucks, you pay $1 to fund programs that support the homeless.
  • Los Angeles is known as the homeless capital of the United States and Measure H is crucial to provide the funding necessary for housing, rehab and other services.


If you are a registered voter in the City of Los Angeles:

Eric Garcetti for Los Angeles Mayor

  • Despite high rates of homelessness, poverty and crime, Mayor Garcetti has helped pass crucial ballots measures (HHH for housing for the homeless and M for transit, transportation, and infrastructure), pushed for citywide earthquake retrofitting, among other successes.
  • Especially in light of the Trump presidency, Los Angeles needs a strong and experienced leader.

YES on Measure M to follow through with a city-based plan to tax and regulate marijuana.

NO on Measure N to say no to the industry-sponsored plan to tax and regulate marijuana.

Yes on Measure P to allow 66-year leases, instead of 50-year deals, at the Port of Los Angeles.

NO on Measure S to prevent housing and economic stagnation.

  • This measure hopes to slow rapid development and check real estate interests in City Hall by imposing a two-year moratorium on all real estate projects that require a General Plan amendment, zone change or increase in allowable height, essentially meaning that some construction will be slowed down.
  • The largest issue with this measure is that it will block the construction of some new market rate and affordable housing.
  • Ultimately, this ballot measure identifies critical issues that need to be addressed, but it is an idealistic solution that will come with unintended consequences.


Where to find more information for March 7, including for City Council and LA Unified School District.


How to find your polling place: